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hqgbe February 6, 2017 0

Local Creole Buffet Lunch

You are escorted into a rustic restaurant for a Lucian buffet lunch, served with juice and dessert made from fruit harvested from our estate. Table settings are simply tasteful and chairs are all hand-made. The three dining rooms are multi-level and lend themselves for multiple groups and some diner privacy.

The restaurant is surrounded by gingerbread cottages which house our gift shop and washroom facilities. You can purchase a limited offering of alcoholic drinks and sodas at our open-air bar, otherwise you may find the perfect flavour from a selection of ice creams.

Browse our shelves for tasty food products which are made right here on the estate, otherwise, there is a myriad of locally manufactured goods from which I am sure you will find the right souvenir of your visit to our special home away from home.

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Historical Estate Tour

You are guided through a small village of replica stick huts similar to those used two centuries ago by local villagers. The gardens around offer close-up views of the more popular local flora.

You pass the Monplaisir family’s grand estate house next and this offers great photo opportunities before you enjoy another live demonstration. You are explained the process of de-husking a coconut and drying the copra in our oven before having a taste of coconut water and jelly.

After enjoying the bay view from the point (do not forget to bring spare batteries for your camera), you have the opportunity to taste a ripe cocoa bean at the cocoa house before witnessing the process of fermentation, bean drying and the cocoa dance used to polish the dried beans. The tour climaxes with our mule-driven sugar cane mill and the more-ish taste of fresh cane juice.

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Volcano Horseback Ride

Experience a unique horse back ride on Morne Coubaril’s botanical 18th Century plantation in Soufriere. Travel back in time while you enjoy the beauty of St. Lucia. View the replica Carib village and hilltop views of Petit Piton, Soufriere town and the Qualibou volcano. Ride through lush rainforest and around the mango plantation where you will see soursop, papaya, cocoa, mango and coconut trees in abundance. Continue on towards the Qualibou Volcano. There are breath-taking (literally get ready for the sulphur smell!) views and choose either a guided tour of the volcano or indulge in a mineral mud bath, very good for the skin and soul!

Complimentary drink included.

Ride-In Volcano Tour – US$120 per person.

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Estate Horseback Tour

Ride back in time through Morne Coubaril’s botanical 18th Century plantation. View the replica carib village and hilltop views of Petit Piton, Soufriere town and the Qualibou volcano. Let your senses awaken as you are guided through the plantation’s processes for coconut, cocoa and sugar. It’s all about seeing, smelling and tasting.

Estate Horseback Tour – US$75 per person.

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This is the ultimate add-on to the popular Soufriere excursion, offering an upbeat and fun activity to heighten the excitement of a bundle-filled eco-tour. It combines the adrenaline rush of zipping under the sheer Petit Piton, with elevated views of the historic town of Soufriere and the Caribbean Sea in this stop.

Upon arrival you are out-fitted with harness, helmet and gloves and briefed on our health and safety guidelines. After a training demonstration, you are ready for the fun and are led up to the first platform from which you are torn between a panoramic view of the bay and the awe of the towering Pitons. While you whizz safely between giant Banyans, your experienced guides keep you informed of the eco-system, spectacular views to look out for and the required standards of our US-built course.

Eight zip cables move you effortlessly through the estate where you can take your own air-borne photos of the Piton and town, before being carried into a canopy of banyan, coconut, plum and mango trees and across a bamboo-shadowed gorge. You can also see, smell and hear the ecosystem thriving in a pond below.

Please note: While this is a low activity tour, it incorporates heights at speeds of up to 30mph. Some stairs will also need to be negotiated. This tour is not suitable for pregnant women, persons with heart or respiratory conditions and children under 8 yrs. There is a weight restriction of 260lb.

Participants should wear long shorts or trousers and a top that can be tucked in at the waist; clothes are likely to get dirty and may be damaged; skirts or dresses are not advisable. Sneakers are recommended; slippers should not be worn. Participants with long hair should tie it back and all jewellery should be removed and left at home or stowed in a secure place to avoid injury, damage and/or loss.